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3rd National Sustainable Food Summit

The National Sustainable Food Summit enters its 3rd year in 2013

This seminal event attracts delegates with interests across the food supply chain, including primary producers, manufacturers, retail brands, and members of the business, government, education, public health, community and not-for-profit sectors. It is the largest and most diverse gathering of practitioners interested in the sustainability of our food system.

How the conversation has evolved

Summit 1 (Melbourne, April 2011).  We looked at present and future challenges facing Australia's food system

Key emerging themes:

  • Current problems with our food system, both globally and in Australia, centre around efficiency of production, distribution and equality of access
  • Future problems will arise from the need to produce more food with limited resources. Unless we address efficiency and equity issues within the current system it will be much harder to solve future problems.

Summit 2 (Sydney, April 2012). Here we started to look at new frameworks and emerging solutions for a future sustainable food system

Key emerging themes:

  • technology will be a driver for innovation and create opportunities to re-organise our value chains.
  • a higher proportion of food production will happen closer to the point of consumption
  • we face emerging challenges in land planning, skills development, and infrastructure

Australia has a key role to play in feeding the region.

Summit 3 returns to Melbourne on 20-21 March 2013.

It crucially address the missing piece - ‘how do we get to where we need to go?'

We will begin to map out how transformational change might occur within our food system over the next 50 years, with a focus on immediate and emerging priorities.

Key Themes

  • what are current initiatives and how do we accelerate progress?
  • where the food system is heading and what is changing?
  • what roles and attributes does each stakeholder bring?
  • how do we collaborate?
Summit Format and Outcomes

We are all stakeholders in the future of our food system. The National Sustainable Food Summit promotes an inclusive conversation that transcends isolated issues and approaches. We will combine plenary sessions with interactive group discussions. All participants will comes along and leave with an understanding of their role in a future food system and what they can and need to do.

Download Event Program

The event program is provided in PDF format. This allows you view and print it high resolution. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view these file types.

Download Program
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    Melbourne Town Hall VIC

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