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Drayton's Family Wines directors accused of manslaughter

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Drayton's Family Wines directors accused of manslaughter
Trevor Dayton died in the 2008 blast. Image:

Directors of Pokolbin's Drayton's Family Wines are accused of failing to ensure the safety of their workers, following a 2008 explosion which killed two people.

Workcover NSW has launched criminal proceedings against the winery more than 18 months after a coroner found that poor safety measures were a major cause of the blast which killed winemaker Trevor Drayton and boilermaker Eddie Orgo.

The explosion occurred on January 17, 2008 when Orgo began welding a steel tank, unaware that it contained 9,000L of SVR, a spirit similar to ethanol.

The Herald reports that directors of the winery at the time of the blast, now facing negligent manslaughter charges, were Trevor Drayton's father Max and two brothers, Greg and John.

The three are facing fines of $165,000 or five years in prison, while the company could be hit with fines of up to $1.65m.



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