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Vegemite launches energy drink...or does it?

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Vegemite launches energy drink...or does it?
Vegemite's 'energy drink.'

Vegemite has gotten into the spirit of things this April Fools’ Day, tricking consumers into believing it had launched an energy drink product.

Announced on Facebook, the post reads “Start your day with our NEW Vegemite iDRINK 2.1 energy drink! Will you swap your Vegemite toast for this when you’re on the go?”

The post pokes fun at the failure of Vegemite’s ‘iSNACK 2.0’ launch in 2009, the original name of its ‘cheesybite’ product.

After a significant consumer backlash, Kraft announced it would change the name just four days after release, admitting Australians “just don’t like the name.”

Jars of Vegemite iSNACK 2.0 are now being sold on eBay for up to $50.



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