15” New Generation IP66/69K Stainless Steel Panel PC

Interworld Electronics is excited to introduce the new generation ViTAM-815B 15” IP66/IP69K Stainless Steel Panel PC from APLEX Technology. 

 Just like other models in the ViTAM series, the ViTAM-815B is a stainless steel Panel PC solution with a wide range of features suitable for food and beverage manufacturing. This new generation Panel PC is powered by an Intel Celeron J6412 processor with integrated graphics processing. With this processor and support for Windows 10 & 11, the ViTAM-815B is able to offer a great balance between performance, quality and cost. 

 The ViTAM-815B is fully enclosed with SUS304 (optional SUS316) stainless steel which provides anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidation protection, helping to prevent contamination, even when it is exposed to harsh conditions. The stainless steel construction also makes the chassis easy to clean (capable of withstanding high-pressure cleaning), increases the life cycle of the chassis due to its rugged nature, and helps to lower the cost of maintenance. The ViTAM-815B also comes with IP66/69K water and dust protection, a fanless design, and M12 connectors for the I/O ports, which helps to prevent any water, dirt or grime entering the system.  

 The 15” TFT-LCD is seamlessly integrated into the chassis with a true flat front bezel design. The ViTAM-815B also supports resistive touch, ideal for use with gloves or in areas where the display may be covered in liquid, dirt, or dust, or projected capacitive touch, a more rugged option with anti-scratch protection. Optional high brightness features also help to make the screen visible in increased sunlight areas. It is also able to operate under a wide temperature range (0~50°C) and has a wide power input range of DC 9~36V. 

 The ViTAM-815B is extremely adaptable, with a range of I/O options available to suit your needs, as well as an RFID module option to help make operation more efficient. It also offers a range of versatile mounting solutions including, floor stands, swing arms, wall mounts, desktop mounts, Yoke mounts and VESA mounts, making it suitable for most applications.  

 The rugged design of the ViTAM-815B, along with its performance and adaptability, makes this series an ideal solution for a wide range of Food and Beverage applications. For more information visit the ViTAM-815B product page. 

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