2008 Gluten Free expo

Following the 10,000-strong support for the 2007 Gluten Free Expo, the event is back, bringing the best of gluten free goodies to consumers on Friday 22 August and Saturday 23 August, 2008 at Sydney Olympic Park.

Now in its fourth year, this feel-good family expo has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 2005, with a tremendous growth of products and consumer interest making its advent a huge success.

Originally designed for those with coeliac disease, but now appealing to health conscious consumers state wide, the expo offers visitors new options for cooking, snacking and entertaining.

From beer to bread, cakes to crispbread, the brave new world of gluten free food replaces heavy breads and starches with light rice, nut and soy based alternatives.

Gluten is the composite of the proteins gliadin and glutenin that commonly exists with starch, in some of the grass-related grains we eat such as wheat, rye, and barley.

While gluten is regularly found in the processed foods and condiments we take for granted, consumers and the food service industry can now experience a world of gluten free options stretching from newly invented products to well established house hold names.

“This is a unique event in the Coeliac’s calendar as sufferers can walk in and eat or taste anything in the show without having to worry about what they’re eating,” said Coeliac Society President, Graham Price.

“All food items are gluten free, with delicious cakes, pizzas and other delicacies available to them once they are inside. Importantly people suffering from Coeliac disease can also get great ideas that will make all the difference in helping them preparing foods that are desirable and truly healthy for them,” Price said.

More than 70 product stalls will be on display at the expo, along with numerous cooking demonstrations and expert talks.

In Australia today there are over 250,000 suffers of Coeliac disease and it is estimated that about one in 100 people in Australia suffers from the disease. With many people still undiagnosed, the increasing numbers have fuelled the availability of gluten free products on the market today.

The awareness of the need for gluten free products is no longer relegated to a special section of the supermarket. Now the sale of many products is integrated into the mainstream supermarket and cafe presentation with food proudly displaying ‘gluten free’ on its packaging.

The Expo is sponsored by Coles, Eskal, Basco Gluten Free Foods, Muffin Break and Country Life Bakery.

Gluten Free Expo 2008

FREE Admission

Friday August 22, 4pm to 8pm and Saturday August 23, 9am to 5pm

Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park

For more information contact:

The Coeliac Society

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