250 000 litres wine spill at VIC factory

About 250 000 litres of wine poured out of a wine tank at a Victorian winery when a door failed.

Treasury Wine Estates said no workers were at risk of injury when the incident occurred at its Karadoc winery near Mildura in the state’s northwest and the wine was captured using the effluent system on the premises.

The incident occurred at about 10:30pm on Monday in the winery’s tank farm, where workers would not be located at that time of night, Treasury Estate’s Sue Rana told the ABC.

She said WorkSafe is investigating the incident and the loss of the wine will not greatly impact the company, as it was 2011 commercial-quality product.

"There won’t be any impact at all really in terms of our production at that site, it is one of our largest sites so we do have a lot of wine produced there, so this loss won’t be a major impact," she said.

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