30% increase in online Christmas shopping: packaging and advertising companies must adapt

Google Australia has confirmed what many people already assumed: online shopping is only going to increase, meaning packaging designers and manufacturers will have to adapt.

The figures from Google Australia show over 30 per cent of “Christmas” searches this year include food and beverage in their search.

While the amount of sopping Australians are conducting online has increased steadily lately, Google Australia & New Zealand’s Head of Retail, Ross McDonald believes Christmas is where the major peak will occur.

“Over the next five weeks shopping-related search traffic is really going to accelerate,” he said.

Speaking at the McCormack Packaging Awards earlier this month, National President of the Australian Institute of Packaging Pierre Pienaar said designers need to be moving with the technology and designing packaging that is asthetically pleasing on a computer screen.

“We will be looking to designs to attract online shoppers,” he told the audience of design graduates.

Pienaar said the focus will have to move away from packaging that is effective in three-dimensional shelf displays and towards to two-dimensional appearance on computer screens.

McDonald said Australian companies wanting to grown their online presence and prevalence during the Christmas season need to be prepared to spend on design for mobile devices, with a 220 per cent rise in the number of mobile shopping searches over a one year period.

He also advised companies to look carefully at the timing of advertising and days people shop to really make the most of the territory.
“During the first week of December, shipping windows for international online retailers traditionally close and searches for domestic online retailers rise,” he said.

“Two weeks before Christmas, searches for store names plus ‘trading hours’ or ‘location’ begin to rise dramatically.

“Around December 16th, the last day Australia’s online retailers can guarantee delivery before December 25 and the last in-store retail weekend before Christmas, you can see another big spike in searches for store name plus ‘hours’ and ‘location.”

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