$30m Newcastle grains terminal to be running by harvest

NSW's first major grain port development in over 25 years is expected to be up and running by this year’s harvest.

The $30m terminal which is located at the Port of Newcastle, was developed by independent grain logistics company – Newcastle Argi Terminal, and will have the capacity to move 1.5m tonnes of grain each year ABC Rural reports.

"We'd be able to take, theoretically, any sort of volume through this terminal," said Martin MacKay, spokesperson for Newcastle Argi Terminal.

"It's about how quickly you can unload trains and how efficiently you can get in and accumulate for the ships.

"So in year one we're just looking at getting up and running and doing as many ships as we can depending on how much volume's out there."

Despite high hopes of being in full production by harvest, grains advisor Mark Martin says that harsh drought conditions in the state’s north will impact on the amount of grain available.

"We fear that it will be tough for them, that their drawing area is where the drought has hit hardest and so there certainly is a decimated crop," he said.

"In addition to that, it is also the area where there's some of the strongest demand and some of the strongest usage, and most of the grain that will be harvested is likely to stay onshore and feed our animals and make our own bread."

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