35 lose jobs as another confectionery manufacturer buckles

Metford Confectionery revealed to its staff on Friday that has gone into “voluntary liquidation”.

The announcement was made in a letter to staff, the Newcastle Herald reports.

Operations general manager Brent Baillie said it “has not been an easy decision for the directors of this company” and acknowledged it would be a “stressful time for all affected employees”.

“We have found it very difficult to make headway with the required sales volume to support the manufacturing operations on site,” he wrote.

Supervisor Terry Coward was shocked to hear the news after working closely with management since it took on the business 21 months ago.

Metford employees met at the Metford Road site Saturday afternoon (31 January) to discuss the situation.

Coward said the company had told staff it would not pay them a redundancy.

He also said their promised wages from last week still hadn’t been transferred into their bank accounts.

“They won’t pay redundancy payouts and they owe us for last week’s wages and our leave entitlements," Coward said.

“We’ve all got bills to pay, we’ve got rent to pay, loans to pay off, and now we’re out of a job.

“There’s no jobs going in what we’re trained in, so I don’t know what we’ll do.”


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