5 ways FMCG manufacturers can benefit from upgrading to cloud-enabled inkjet technology

As the FMCG supply chain becomes more demanding the adoption of cloud-enabled devices is accelerating and manufacturers are reaping the benefits. Find out more.

The FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector is highly competitive – upholding throughput is critical, and seconds of downtime means lost revenue. When that downtime is unplanned the impact to production can be devastating and costly to the business.

Industry 4.0 and the technological innovations that come with it are revolutionizing the FMCG sector and helping manufacturers monitor the performance of production line equipment in real time, leading to valuable gains in efficiency, productivity and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), while reducing downtime and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Cloud technology and cloud-enabled devices, like insignia’s new generation continuous and thermal inkjet ranges by Domino are giving manufacturers access to more data than ever before. While upgrading your date and batch coding devices comes with an initial capital outlay, the benefits they can provide into the future significantly outweigh this.

  1. Remotely monitor your connected inkjet coders

insignia’s cloud-enabled inkjet ranges by Domino can help ensure your production line stays moving and is running efficiently, with remote monitoring available through a connected device like a smartphone or a laptop. No longer do you have to be on site to access crucial printer metrics; you can remotely monitor metrics including makeup and ink levels and the wear and tear of your equipment. Additionally, automatic alerts can be set up via email or text to notify operators when consumables are running low and require replacing. This means the operator can schedule timely consumable changeovers at a time that suits production, reducing downtime.

  1. Detect faults early and fix problems first time

It’s crucial to keep your production line moving and avoid unplanned downtime at all costs. insignia’s Domino Cloud has remote diagnostics accessible through their dashboard and is monitored by insignia’s Help Desk team so that any minor faults can be identified and rectified before they impact production. In most cases faults can be resolved over the phone, but if a visit from a technician is required, the remote diagnostics means the technician is aware of the problem and has the parts required to achieve a fix on the first visit, getting you up and running sooner.

  1. Collating OEE data for continual line improvement

OEE is a crucial metric for any FMCG business. Ensuring your equipment is running efficiently used to require a visit from an engineer, however insignia’s Domino Cloud automatically gathers the crucial OEE data for your inkjet printers. Having access to this data can assist in making line and process improvements to ensure your production is running at optimal performance.

  1. Review performance anytime, anywhere

With insignia’s Domino Cloud you can have round the clock access to real time production data through a protected login from any connected device, including a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Once logged in, you can check the status of your printer and top-line metrics such as service history, uptime and downtime, throughput, consumable levels and more.

Drill down to an individual printer to monitor efficiency following a repair. Or get a broad view of your entire printer fleet – not just from one site, but across all your production facilities, regionally, nationally, or globally.

  1. Robust security

For IT personnel the idea of connected infrastructure and the related potential security issues makes them shiver. While there are a lot of benefits to cloud-enabled devices and cloud computing it is important to remember the risks involved in a connected network.

With this in mind, insignia’s Domino Cloud sits on a GSM network that’s independent from your business network and relies on the same robust security and redundancy standards used by the financial sector.

Blair Kietzmann, insignia’s Head of Sales – Domino says, “Access to always available, real time performance analytics, predictive equipment analytics, remote diagnostics, and improvements in first time fix rates are accelerating the adoption of a connected ecosystem, and cloud-enabled devices within FMCG manufacturing.”

“If you are considering upgrading to new equipment it is important to consider the current and future requirements of your facility, as well as choosing a partner who is equipped to deliver now and can help you take advantage of the increased visibility, access to more usable data and level of support modern cloud-enabled devices can provide.”

To learn more about insignia’s Domino Cloud and how you can maximise uptime through remote connectivity, click here.

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