Advanced dry ice blasting makes Australian debut at foodpro

Prepare to be blown away – perhaps literally – by the offering on the A. K. A. Cleaning Machines stand.

This is the first time Director of A. K. A. Cleaning Machines Rick Hilton and his team are exhibiting at foodpro, and they’re excited to let Australian food manufacturers know about the cleaning equipment they claim is set to revolutionise the industry. The device, called the Intelblast dry ice blasting machine, can clean and decontaminate equipment, all without the use of any water.

“While these machines have been used for the past 50 years worldwide, there aren’t many companies in Australian who are aware of this,” said Hilton.

The technology uses tiny 3mm sized pallets of Dry Ice (frozen carbon dioxide at -79 degress) that are fired using compressed air. Travelling at supersonic speeds, the ice sublimates on contact with the surface to be cleaned, meaning it immediately turns from solid to vapour.  Through the thermal shock of changing forms, it breaks the contaminants it comes into contact with, which fall to the ground, as the pallets evaporate.

“The technology is great for use around processing equipment where you can’t use any water, like electrical fittings,” said Hilton. “It works really well for anyone in food processing, and especially anyone working with flour.”

Hilton explained that, as anyone working in the sector knows, it’s a challenge keeping moisture out of baking equipment. Even small amounts of moisture in machines like conveyors can cause headaches for producers in terms of bacteria build-up.

“You can imagine the advantages of working with a completely dry cleaning system. It gets into all those crevices that are hard to get to, dislodges any build-up, and decontaminates equipment. And this can all be done in-situ, without any need to disassemble equipment, or even cool it down,” said Hilton.

Although the technology is too tricky to run on site at foodpro, interested parties can come and have a look at the equipment, along with video demonstrations and discuss the various applications. Hilton and his team can then organise for an on-site demonstration following the show.

Check out A.K.A Cleaning Machines at foodpro stand P51.

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