$75 Aussie beer takes home champion prize at the International Beer Challenge Awards

Sydney based brewery, Redoak, has claimed the champion prize at the UK’s largest beer competition, the International Beer Challenge Awards.

Redoak’s Special Reserve, retails for $75, and came in above worthy contenders from 30 different countries, The Australian reports.

The beer is brewed in Camden in Sydney’s west, and is fermented three times, aged in oak for around two years, then bottled fermented.

Redoak’s head brewer and co-founder David Hollyoak, said that it's the complexity of the beer that sets it apart.

“It is very strong, very complex alcohol and oak on the aroma followed by a nice sweet malt flavour with hints of vanilla," he said. "It's like an exotic liqueur. It is quite amazing."

"Craft brewing is a combination of art and science but for me it is more about the craft," he said.

The beer holds a 12 percent alcohol content, and is traditionally served in a 30ml glass at the Redoak Beer Cafe in Sydney.

Fellow Australian Beers were also recognised at the awards including Hawthorn’s IPA which won the Best Ale category, and Manly’s 4 Pines Pale Ale which took home gold in its category.


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