80 year old Freddo still feisty

The Freddo Frog, an Australian confectionery icon, is celebrating its 80th birthday with an online campaign that has fuelled debate over advertising self-regulation.

This comes less than a week after a Bill in the Senate to ban junk food advertising to children was defeated.

Cadbury, a signatory to the Responsible Children’s Marketing Initiative and owner of the Freddo brand for over 40 years, maintains the campaign is not targeted at children.

The Coalition on Food Advertising to Children disagrees, however, and argues that the campaign highlights flaws in self-regulation.

Cadbury insists the online and family viewing time campaign does not contradict their commitment to responsible marketing as it will not be viewed in children’s TV viewing times.

Last week, it was announced that 16 major food and beverage manufacturers had signed the Australian Food and Grocery Council’s Responsible Children’s Marketing Initiative.

The companies have committed not to advertise to children under 12, unless the product promotes healthy dietary choices and a healthy lifestyle consistent with scientific standards.

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