Tap the potential of craft brewing

Brewing and German technology go hand in hand. The German Purity law defined quality of beer back in the 1400’s. For over 50 years now, Siemens’ programmable logic controllers (PLC) have been defining the quality of automation for various industries. Siemens Factory Automation can be found in breweries all over the world whether it be giant breweries in Germany or our growing craft sector in Australia. Regardless of size, the great common elements is – quality. So if you’re a brewer and you want quality product every single time and with every sip of beer, investing in the right technology is the key.
Scotty McKinnon, Founder and head brewer of Wolf of The Willows credits technology for massive cost savings saying, “As a result of the technology we have implemented, we’ve gone from an average of 25 days down to now 18 day ferment cycle. So, from first brewing beer to actually putting it in the package product to go out into market, that’s a massive cost saving for us.”
At Wolf in the Willows, Fermecraft have integrated a Siemens s7 1500 PLC as the brains of the control system, capturing and processing the status of the brewing process via Profinet industrial ethernet. Critically, the entire process is easily observed and managed by a 22inch high resolution Comfort Panel Human Machine Interface (HMI) screen right on the brew deck, so the artisan manual elements of the brew crafting and the modern control system work together seamlessly to provide the consistent quality end product.

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