M4E & ShearTherm: Innovation at your fingertips

As a founding member of the Natec Network, Gold Peg provides diverse, innovative cooking solutions for food manufacturing companies all over the world.

Gold Peg and Natec Network are dedicated to continued innovation in the food and beverage industry. Two examples of their newest technologies are the M4E (Magnet for Emulsion) and the ShearTherm systems.

What this technology can do

Both the M4E and ShearTherm solutions are ideal for processing a wide range of food products, such as processed cheese, mayonnaise, soups, sauces, dressings, purees, baby food, vegan / plant-based and even pet food.

M4E – Magnet for Emulsion

The M4E uses magnetic force to continuously disperse ingredients and is the most advanced and cost-effective method for creating stable emulsions and lump-free powder dispersions via a simple, fast, and efficient process.

M4E benefits

  • Simple, fast and efficient process
  • No moveable parts
  • Better dispersion/emulsion with smaller particle size
  • No molecular breakdown
  • Permanent magnet – no electrical power needed
  • Flexibility for a huge range of products with particulates up to 2-3mm (without destroying them)
  • No maintenance and easy to clean with CIP

M4E applications: 


The ShearTherm is a high-performance, batch-processing machine offering the highest flexibility for emulsifying and cooking, delivering excellent finished product characteristics and quality, even with particles.

ShearTherm benefits

  • Quick and easy conversion between recipes
  • Available for different production volumes
  • Best shear range and control for each product and process
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Long production runs possible
  • Maximises yield – less raw material consumption with less production time
  • Automated programs for easy use and CIP

ShearTerm applications: 

Clarification & integration opportunities

The ShearTherm is the best choice for all cooking with emulsification requirements, whilst the M4E technology is purely for emulsions and dispersions within the food, cosmetics, healthcare, and chemical industries.

The M4E technology can be added to an already existing equipment line for better emulsification results and can also replace the shear pump of a ShearTherm to further improve its operation. (The ShearTherm’s shear pump mechanically decreases molecule size but can be replaced with an M4E that uses a magnet to achieve better results more efficiently.)

Depending on a customer’s requirements and for a short time only, we are offering the M4E instead of shear pump with the ShearTherm as a cost neutral change over.

Targeting innovation to customer projects

Natec Network’s customer-centric benchineering approach results in optimal manufacturing processes. The term “benchineering” is a combination of “bench breaking” and “engineering”, meaning “technology that exceeds the usual standards”. Gold Peg’s performance goes far beyond high-quality technology, as the term also refers to the entire process from concept development to service.

With a dedicated Research and Development team of over 15+ people around the globe, the Natec Network has a significant investment in innovation. Customers’ needs inform our innovation, with processing technologies tailored to optimise the outcome for the specific needs of every individual customer.

“Innovation is vital…it carries us and our customers to the forefront of our industry and keeps us there”, said Thomas Haas, managing director, Natec Network.

Innovative for you

Gold Peg and Natec Network continue to prove their capability in delivering advanced processing systems to match the needs of food manufacturing companies all over the world, no matter the capacity or end product needs.

We have our fingers on the pulse, so that customers can improve their business exponentially and keep them at the forefront of the food product industry.

Gold Peg’s global technology is available right on your doorstep in Melbourne, Victoria.

You can contact Gold Peg for further information here.


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