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New plant-based food range launches in Australia

The new range of premium, chilled, snacks and centre of plate options will make it easier for consumers to prepare and share plant-based products, with improved taste, texture, and flavour thanks to a market-first pea-based protein.

Made with premium pea-based protein, Greens & Goodness brings the finest ingredients together; creating meals and snacks that are simple, healthy, and delicious.

“Australian consumer taste is changing. People want to try something new, and plant-based protein is a market that is really growing, especially locally,” said Yash Gandhi, head of marketing at greens & goodness.

“Seventy per cent of Australian households have to vary their sources of protein for each meal to meet the needs of different household members.

“We found that much of what’s on offer to consumers just doesn’t stack up on taste and flavour for people looking to adopt a more plant-based diet, and we really wanted to change that.”

While existing products focus primarily on health and nutritional benefits, independent consumer research, commissioned by Greens & Goodness, highlighted that Australians are looking for greater convenience and far improved taste and texture from plant-based protein offerings.

Greens & Goodness is not only Australian owned but is one of the few plant-based alternatives manufactured locally here in Australia, with operations based in Newcastle, NSW.

Available at Romeo’s IGA in Sydney from November, the business has ambitious national growth plans.

Consumers can expect to see the new range on shelves this month, with new products including:

  • Smoky Jalapeno spiced bites
  • Zingy Mexican crunch burgers
  • Golden crumbed Garlic and Herb schnitzel
  • Spicy Bombay dippers

For more information on Greens & Goodness, and further details on where you can find Australia’s newest plant-based alternative, visit www.greensandgoodness.com.au

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