A breath of fresh air

The Tic Tac brand has embraced the digital environment to engage with consumers while introducing two new products to the family.

In a brand first, Tic Tac’s new digital strategy sees an application launched for iPhone and facebook, together with an interactive website.

These new features will facilitate customer-brand interaction, reinvigorating the brand as the refreshing mints for mouth, mood and mind.

“In an age when consumers continue to embrace social media, a digital presence for brands is increasingly important. The launch of the Tic Tac brand in the digital space allows us to communicate in a relevant way with our target audience. Our strategy encourages consumers to interact with and share the playful Tic Tac experience,” said Tic Tac brand manager, Vanessa Vannini.

With almost 3,000 downloads from itunes in its first weekend, the Tic Tac iPhone technology is proving a success.

Tic Tac will also introduce two new products to the Tic Tac family — the limited edition Bold! and a bigger 24g pack across all retail outlets.

Available in two flavours, Apple Sour and Mint, Tic Tac Bold stands out from the counter with its funky curved packaging in green and blue. Targeted at a younger demographic, Bold is an intense and powerful flavour hit.

The bigger 24g Tic Tac pack replaces its 18g counterpart in all the traditional flavours offering consumers 33% more mints, but maintaining the same pocket-ability as the 18g original.

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