A cleaner alternative to air conditioning for industrial workshops

As summer begins in Australia, it’s imperative that site managers consider ways to reduce heat for indoor workshops, plants and offices.

This can be difficult for areas requiring constant airflow to manage ventilation risks, where windows and large roller doors may need to remain open despite the rising temperature outside.

According to Safe Work Australia, employees may suffer from heat-related illness when required to work in an overheated space for too long.1 They also state that thermal discomfort can have negative affects to overall morale and work performance, with prolonged exposure leading to fatigue, lower concentration, and an increase of absenteeism.

Further, industrial air conditioning systems can be difficult to install, and extremely costly to maintain over the warmer months. The period can bring with it dry, uncomfortably hot environments that not only compromise worker safety, but can diminish productivity rates due to exhaustion. For these reasons, it’s in every business’ best interest to implement a cost effective, fit-for-purpose workshop cooling apparatus.

Which cooling solution is right for you?

Selecting the right approach to maintaining a suitable ambient temperature depends on several key factors:

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