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As an agricultural service contractor, Daryl Phillips, the owner of Nendy Enterprises, spends the harvesting season conducting harvesting and windrowing projects near Albury and in the Riverina region of New South Wales, occasionally taking up projects as far as Geelong in Victoria.

No matter where the contracts take his team, he knows they will not be far from a BSC branch when the need arises for a necessary spare part.

Based at the small town of Gerogery north of Albury, Nendy Enterprises has easy access to the BSC branches in Wodonga and Wagga Wagga. Daryl also often visits the Swan Hill and Geelong branches of BSC when he is in the region to source the necessary spare parts he needs for his agricultural equipment.

“We tend to go around a lot for our work, so it’s really easy to have the BSC stores close to wherever we are based. They even do drop offs for us when we need a spare part urgently,” says Daryl.

Nendy Enterprises, founded by Daryl’s father nearly 25 years ago, has remained a family-run business, with Daryl and his brother Brett managing the works now. The business regularly engages in contract grain harvesting, earth works and grain bagging, as well as selling silo bags to grain growers. October is a busy time for Nendy Enterprises as the grain harvest season is in full swing.

For the last couple of years, Nendy Enterprises has been relying on BSC to source replacement spare parts for their harvesting equipment – which include five John Deere combine harvesters, windrowers, fronts, and more.

Daryl says he has found replacement parts and accessories from U.S. manufacturer, Webb Cutting Components, to be very cost-effective and reliable.

“The knives and blades on our machinery often need to be replaced every 12 months, depending on the conditions that we are harvesting in. We use Webb for all replacement knife sections, cutting blades and many other parts and accessories and they all work very well,” says Daryl.  “As contractors, cost-competitiveness is very important for us. I have found Webb products to be spot on. They offer longevity, while also being reasonably priced.”

Mitch Chaffer, Ag Specialist at the BSC Wagga Wagga branch, says the US manufacturer, Webb Cutting Components, has a reputation for providing quality replacement parts for most popular machines in the industry.

“BSC supplies a wide range of Webb products to the Australian agricultural sector. These include high carbon sickle sections, sickle assemblies, and related high-wear components. We carry Webb parts and products for all cutting needs, from Header fronts to mower conditioners,” says Mitch.

Being located at the heart of the Riverina agricultural region, the BSC Wagga Wagga branch has built a strong relationship with the farmers, contract harvesters, and machinery repairers in the region over the years.

Mitch says Webb’s cutting components for header fronts are particularly popular among contract harvesters for their proven longevity and reliability.

“When you need a replacement for any component in your machinery, you have two options: To buy the spare part from the original equipment manufacturer or to use a high-quality alternative brand at a lower upfront cost. It all depends on your requirements and how much you are looking to spend. With Webb products, you can expect reliability and be assured that you are buying from a reputed brand.”

Daryl says he enjoys working with the BSC branch for the product knowledge that the team brings to the mix, as well as for the up-to-date product inventory.

“They certainly know their products very well and most of the time, they have the parts that I need in stock. BSC is also always introducing new products to their inventory. Even if we need a certain part that’s not currently stocked, they always source the product in a very short time. This is very valuable for a small family business like ours,” he concludes.

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