A daily shot of potent antioxidants

With the increasingly busy lives of today’s consumers, and their unavoidable environmental and lifestyle challenges, super fruits and antioxidants have become the latest buzzwords in the health arena.

In today’s world, roving molecules known as free radicals, increasingly need to be neutralised to keep the body functioning well and disease free. It is believed that free radicals can be kept in check by regular consumption of antioxidants, which act as ‘scavengers’ to help restore the free radical balance in the body.

Free radicals, or molecules with lots of energy are thought to initiate cancers like prostate, lung, breast and liver, as well as heart disease and immunological disorders, and are caused by factors like stress and pollution.

Every fruit and vegetable contains different levels of antioxidants. The amount of antioxidants in diverse foods varies, and tends to be dependent on colour. As a general rule, deeper, richer coloured fruits and vegetables have a higher potency and quantity of antioxidants. For example, red grapes contain more antioxidants than green grapes.

Vitality Brands has found a solution to the modern time-management problem with Well Naturally ‘AntiOx Shots’ – a new super fruit juice blend that contains the recommended daily dose of potent antioxidants.

A refreshing, tasty juice in a convenient 90ml shot bottle, AntiOx Shots contain Mangosteen and Pomegranate – nature’s super fruits, both valued for their high concentration of natural plant antioxidants that may help boost and protect the body’s immune system.

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit with an exquisite flavour, known throughout Asia as the ‘queen of fruits’ – and is as common in Thailand as an apple is in Australia. AntiOx Shots also include Mangosteen rind, where 95% of its antioxidants are found.

Pomegranate is an ancient fruit dating back to 1000 years BC, and is an abundant source of antioxidants responsible for reducing stress in the body. A glass of its juice is believed to have enough folic acid to provide 100% of adult’s daily requirements, and has also been linked to improved heart health.

The antioxidant potential of a product can be determined by its ORAC score, or Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. An ideal daily ORAC intake is between 3,000 and 4,000 units per day, with analysis by independent tests run at Brunswick Laboratories showing that 90ml AntiOx Shots have an average ORAC score of 3,600.

One daily AntiOx Shot contains the ORAC value of the combined quantity of approximately: 40g red grapes, one banana, one tomato, 40g broccoli, 40g rockmelon and one carrot.

AntiOx Shots also contain Red Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) juice and Hibiscus flower for additional Antioxidants and natural colour, passionfruit juice for taste, natural sugars and a small percentage (approximately 2%) of added sugar. The Shots are made from a careful combination of super fruit juice so that no extra colours or flavours are required.

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