A flavour treat for any night of the week

Beerenberg Farm, Australia’s premiere producer of home-style jams, marmalades and sauces, is launching four new products this April to liven up any week night meal.

The new Spicy Seafood Sauce will add some zing to a seafood platter while the Peppercorn Sauce is a perfect match with steak and the Takatala Chutney or Caramelised Onions an excellent addition to an antipasto platter or as a side to a roast lamb dinner.

The new products will be widely available from the end of April.

“Rustling up a satisfying dinner just got a whole lot easier — a meal served with the latest Beerenberg sauces and condiments will be the perfect treat any night of the week,” said Beerenberg Managing Director Anthony Paech says.

“The Spicy Seafood Sauce provides an additional kick compared to our Seafood Sauce and will liven up any seafood dish. And the Peppercorn Sauce has been perfected to provide the ideal accompaniment to a juicy steak.”

Paech said that Beerenberg’s Takatala Sauce was one of the more exotically named products in the range and, with its nineteen herbs and spices, had something of a cult following.

“Our Takatala Sauce is made from a recipe given to us by a Zimbabwean farmer and over the years has attracted a bit of a cult following for its sweet yet mildly spicy flavour. The new Takatala Chutney has the sweet and spicy taste of the Takatala Sauce but contains generous portions of fruit and vegetables which give it a wholesome, homemade look and taste.”

The Spicy Seafood Sauce, Takatala Chutney, Carmelised Onions and the Peppercorn Sauce take the Beerenberg range to a total of 57 products. All are made from carefully selected farm ingredients, using traditional recipes with no added artificial flavour, colour or preservatives.

Beerenberg’s products are sold locally, exported to the Asia Pacific, used in five and four star hotels and restaurants, and on Qantas flights.

For further information contact:

Anthony Paech

Beerenberg Farm Managing Director

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