A healthy boost for beverages

Set to stay, the health and wellness trend is influencing many global new product launches and changing the priorities of beverage manufacturers in all corners of the globe. By increasing the nutritional profile of their products and limiting the unhealthier components, manufacturers are rising to the overwhelming consumer demand for healthy products. In this competitive climate, the key challenge is to maintain or improve the taste profile of new products while making them healthier than traditional equivalents.

Many manufacturers are turning to fruit as the answer. Consumer perception of fruit is very positive, especially since non-natural ingredients and additives receive such bad press. Fruit ingredients add taste, colour and improve the nutritional profile of most applications.

Smoothie operator The appeal of smoothies has rocketed over the last couple of years and beverage manufacturers are looking for the healthiest fruits around to differentiate and boost the selling power of their products. Cranberry purée is a competitive ingredient for smoothies, which offers an interesting colour, taste and texture. It can also be blended with other fruit purées easily and the distinctive cranberry flavour and naturally high pH enhances most other tastes.

Cranberry purée contains no preservatives or added sugars and delivers both sensory and nutritional value to a smoothie. A number of launches across Europe, the United States and the Asia-Pacific region have included cranberry and despite increased demand for more exotic fruits, cranberry remains as popular as ever among consumers and smoothie manufacturers alike.

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