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A promising approach to tackling material losses in the dairy industry

The dairy industry has long faced and continues to struggle with the challenge of controlling material losses, which significantly impact production costs and compliance with waste regulations.

Traditional methods have proven ineffective, but the introduction of the Biotector B7000i Dairy TOC Online Analyser from Hach offers a promising solution to monitor and control material losses.

This article explores why the Biotector B7000i Dairy TOC Online Analyser is a vital innovation for the dairy industry.

Problem: Material Losses and Compliance Issues

Dairy plants with onsite wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) grapple with waste regulations that encompass not only wastewater but also lost raw materials. These lost materials account for nearly 80 per cent of the value of dairy finished products.

Compliance alone fails to address the significant and ongoing material losses experienced by dairy manufacturers, resulting in substantial financial and regulatory challenges.

Solution: The Biotector B7000i Dairy TOC Analyser

To combat the persistent issue of material losses, the Biotector B7000i Dairy TOC Online Analyser was specifically developed for the dairy industry. It underwent a trial lasting several months to assess its potential in limiting lost raw materials and its reliability in an industrial setting. The B7000 analyzer utilizes Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis, offering a more accurate and reliable measurement compared to traditional Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) testing.

Benefits & Advantages

  1. Reduced Material Losses: The Biotector B7000i Dairy TOC Online Analyser helps identify and quantify material losses in real time, enabling targeted actions to reduce losses at their source.
  2. Compliance and Regulatory Alignment: Ensures compliance with waste regulations, helping dairy manufacturers meet requirements related to phosphorus and other parameters.
  3. Cost Savings: Allows dairy plants to reduce wastewater loading by up to 15%, translating to substantial savings.
  4. Advanced Technology: Incorporates innovative Two-Stage Advanced Oxidation (TSAO) technology, ensuring consistent accuracy and reliability.
  5. Ease of Use and Maintenance: Designed for user convenience, requiring calibration and preventative maintenance only every six months.


The Biotector B7000i Dairy TOC Online Analyser represents a significant advancement for the dairy industry, providing a promising tool to monitor and control material losses. While the industry continues to face challenges, this technology offers a path towards reduced processing costs, compliance with waste regulations, and improved overall operational efficiency. Adopting the Biotector B7000i Dairy TOC Online Analyser could be the key to unlocking significant benefits and maintaining competitiveness in the dairy industry.

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