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A Sweet Tribute: Nutella’s Homage to Australia and New Zealand’s Most Beloved Landmarks

To celebrate the beauty of Australia and New Zealand, renowned Choc-hazelnut spread Nutella has released seven enchanting limited-edition labels across its jar range.

The labels pay tribute to iconic landmarks from the majestic peaks of NSW to the ethereal pink hues of SA’s Lake MacDonnell, and the pristine waters of New Zealand’s Lake Pukaki.

Bring the discovery to your kitchen, with Nutella’s twist on classic Australian and New Zealand recipes, encouraging shoppers to get creative.

Who better to guide us through this culinary adventure than Nutella’s very own baking royalty, Kat Sabbath.

Baking can really transport you to memories and consequently flavours of unique places. It all becomes even more special when you’re creating treats that are inspired by your own country,” said Sabbath.

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