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A world of growth awaits in ecommerce

Partnering with BigCommerce for your ecommerce needs has already proven to be fruitful for thousands of merchants.

BigCommerce, an Open software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform company, is empowering merchants to construct, innovate, and grow their businesses online.

As the world becomes ever more interconnected, and grows its reliance on digitisation and software platform, the more important partnering with a company like BigCommerce becomes.

BigCommerce provides the industry with high-level enterprise-grade functionality, customisation, and performance, with simplicity and an ease-of-use.

Tens of thousands of business to business and business to consumer companies are already use BigCommerce software solutions to improve online stores, and in turn grow digital sales.

When it comes to the food and beverage manufacturing industry, BigCommerce has some big clients, including Ben & Jerry’s, the Beer Cartel, and Di Bruno Bros.

A case study of the company’s work with Di Bruno Bros. provides clear examples of the reasons for, and benefits from, using BigCommerce to improve the digital side of the industry.

Di Bruno Bros, specialists in gourmet food, approached BigCommerce in 2014 after finding its ecommerce systems weren’t up to scratch.  Including its mobile phone shopping, which accounted for almost 40 per cent of all online traffic to the online store.

“Our previous website required a lot of custom code for many features that are included with BigCommerce, which made it really difficult for us to update,” recalled Di Bruno marketing and content manager, Janeane Tolomeo.

“The digital space continues to change exponentially, and having a platform proven to keep pace with trends and functionality advances was important to us.”

“BigCommerce is always listening to customers and updating its platform, giving us confidence that the investment in our site will continue to pay dividends well into the future.”

BigCommerce was ultimately selected by Di Bruno because of its flexible cloud-based platform which allowed for the creation of a dynamic and quality online storefront.

Groove, a partner of BigCommerce, was tasked with helping achieve the client’s goals.

“We wanted to build a site that reflected the true essence of Di Bruno Bros.,” said Mack McGee, Groove principal.

“The website needed to capture the quality and value the company provides, while also enabling it to drive growth.”

The company was thrilled with the end result provided by BigCommerce and Groove and was particularly complimentary of the company’s ability to regularly update the platform with continually improving functionality.

“Groove was instrumental in helping us embrace the BigCommerce platform and creating a powerful site that features our stunning product photography,” said Di Bruno Bros president, Bill Mignucci Jr.

For interested stakeholders from within the industry, BigCommerce has a ‘cookbook’, called Recipe for Success: The Ecommerce Cookbook for Food and Beverage Brands.

The cookbook explores key strategies for stakeholders to begin to improve online branding while also learning about key features centred around the use of ecommerce.

Inside the cookbook are details around data-driven insights, technological advice, and key real-world examples of how to put this knowledge into practice.

The cookbook can be broken down into six key areas for success. They are how to accelerate digitalisation, reduce complexity, improve the user experience, sell B2B online, growing globally, and igniting innovation.

BigCommerce’s work with the Beer Cartel also provides another clear example of the growth that can be achieved with a more specialised ecommerce approach.

The brewer experienced 300 per cent growth in sales after introducing a scalable platform and integrated tools for the best efficiency possible.

The Beer Cartel’s work with BigCommerce also resulted in 400 per cent growth in online traffic, and a 650 per cent growth in its email database.

“We were very thorough in our search for an ecommerce platform that would suit our long-term needs,” said Beer Cartel owner, Richard Kelsey.

“The ease of integrating tools like MailChimp, Zapier, and Justuno with BigCommerce ensures that our business continues to run efficiently, which in turn provides us more time and energy to focus on new initiatives.”

BigCommerce allows users to customise the site as little or as much as they like, allowing for each customer to tailor their ecommerce sites to match branding.

And this isn’t reliant on what website platform the customer uses, from WordPress, to Drupal, and React.

On top of this, customers can say goodbye to manually merging offline and online sales by using one of BigCommerce’s point-of-sale partners to sync up offline and online sales, inventory, and even the back end.

Customers are also able to integrate with existing systems without experiencing negative impacts to speed, security, or scalability.

Partnering with BigCommerce also helps drive down operating costs with access to the industry’s lowest shipping rates for global carriers, advanced shipping rules including LTL freight management, and multi-warehouse third-party logistics providers all through BigCommerce’s pre-built integrations and partnerships.

Coupled with these savings is the lowest pre-negotiated credit card processing rates for SaaS ecommerce. This extends to PayPal, Apple Pay, and Visa Checkout.

BigCommerce’s expertise is in helping merchants sell more at each and every stage of growth by empowering them to build, innovate, and grow their businesses through online platforms.

This is demonstrated through the company’s values of customers first, thinking big, making a difference every day, team on a mission, and acting with integrity.


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