Abbott promises $16m to upgrade Cadbury factory

Coalition leader Tony Abbott has announced that the Liberal government will contribute $16m towards a $66m upgrade of the Tasmanian Cadbury chocolate factory should the party be elected.

Abbott says that the upgrade had the potential to create 200 new jobs and around 120 indirect jobs by 2017, The Mercury reports.

In addition, the leader of the opposition said that the contribution would also secure 600 existing direct jobs as well as 340 existing indirect jobs, providing an invaluable boost to the Tasmanian economy.

"This commitment is about my top three priorities for Tasmania — jobs, jobs and jobs," said Abbott.

"It is about supporting manufacturing, fostering innovation and boosting tourism in Tasmania."

Tours of the Cadbury Factory which once served as a valuable tourism attraction for the state were halted in 2008 due to health and safety concerns.

The investment from the coalition would see the creation of new hygiene systems which would allow tours to resume. The additional funds would also include the development of a new visitor centre designed to accommodate large tour groups.

"Our commitment is aimed at boosting tourism and innovation in Tasmania, as well as to boost the competitiveness of export-oriented businesses in the Apple Isle."


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