ACCC calls for collective bargaining for tomato processors

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) wants members of the Australian Processing Tomato Growers to be allowed to bargain collectively on their contracts.

Changes should be made to the regulation so the group, which is part of the Victorian Farmers Federation, can campaign together against their processors, for better terms and conditions of their contracts.
"The ACCC considers that collective bargaining can provide an effective mechanism for productive contractual discussions," ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said.
Most members of the Australian Processing Tomato Growers are located in Northern Victoria and Southern New South Wales.

The ACCC has proposed a five year authorisation to allow members to collectively bargain, but there would be restrictions on who could be a member of the group.

It wants to exclude growers who operate or have ownership interests in tomato processing plants.

Echuca-based processor Cedenco Australia is expected to be the only buyer of tomatoes for processing for now, the ACCC said.

The ACCC is seeking submissions from stakeholders and interested parties on the draft determination which is available on its website.


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