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ACCC invites consumer, farmer and industry views as part of supermarket inquiry

Australian consumers are asked to share information about how they shop and what they experience through an online survey published as part of the ACCC’s supermarkets inquiry.

The ACCC has published an issues paper outlining the topics the supermarkets inquiry will explore, and is calling for submissions from farmers, wholesalers, retailers, and other interested parties.

ACCC Deputy Chair Mick Keogh said, “We know that consumers and suppliers alike have a range of concerns about Australia’s major supermarkets, and this is their chance to have their say.”

The ACCC invites consumers to complete the online survey to improve its understanding of where and how Australians buy groceries, and how price changes, loyalty programs and other factors influence how they shop.

“We will be using our legal powers to compulsorily obtain data and documents from the supermarkets themselves, but consultation with consumers and grocery sector participants is an important first step in our inquiry,” said Keogh.

The ACCC is also seeking submissions from industry participants involved in grocery supply chains, in response to matters raised in the issues paper.

“One of our major focus areas will be the supermarkets’ approach to setting prices, and whether there is evidence to show that a lack of effective retail competition is contributing to higher prices,” said Keogh.

In relation to grocery supply chains, the ACCC wants to hear from industry participants about competition within supply chains, trading arrangements, margins and price transparency, and if supermarket buyer power is impacting suppliers’ commercial viability.

The survey can be complete online at Supermarkets inquiry consumer survey until 2 April 2024.

Parties can claim confidentiality over all or some of their submission, including their identity, if they believe the information being shared publicly could damage their business.

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