Accolade Wines reveal campaign “Meet Me at Midnight” for Grant Burge INK by Content Hustlers

Grant Burge’s latest release to the INK range boasts a Barossa Ink Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, each intertwined with a touch of fortified wine, which was brought to life through their launching campaign by Content Hustlers. 

Accolade Wines commissioned the campaign to evoke the feeling of mystery and exploration and bring to life an essence of being enveloped in a moment. The campaign creates an element of mystery through a custom designed live projection, captured in stills and motion. 

The Content Hustlers food and beverage studios in West Melbourne were stripped back to a blank space of white plinths and set shapes to create the canvas for the projection work to build the element of space from. 

Head of Digital ANZ at Accolade Wines, Luke Algar, says Accolade Wines wanted a campaign that would break the mould. 

“We really wanted a campaign that would break the mould and deliver cut through, in what can be a very cluttered category. In a world saturated with ordinary, Midnight Ink by Grant Burge dares to be extraordinary.” he said. 

It was important for the project to feel raw and genuine said David Vale, the Content Hustlers Creative Director. 

“It was important for the concept to use real light and projection rather than a CGI or digitally designed image to ensure it felt raw and genuine,” he said. 

“We even thickened the air with smoke and manipulated the light with custom cutters to make sure we didn’t alter the legitimate nature of the creative concept.” 

The campaign compromises of a range of executions and has been rolled out nationally across all digital platforms. 

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