Accuweigh’s Hire X-Ray Inspection System Saves Client’s Products.

Accuweigh’s Melbourne branch arranged the hire of an X-Ray inspection system to locate small metal parts found to be missing from a machine used in the production process.

The client’s entire stock output from the day’s production was quarantined until each and every item was passed through Accuweigh’s XR-3000 X-Ray Inspection system. Although the food products were packaged in foil containers, the X-Ray Inspection System easily identified which containers were contaminated with the missing metal components.

The entire day’s production was saved minus the few contaminated containers. Accuweigh’s X-Ray food inspection systems are able to scan items at very high speed and retain images of each item containing potential contaminants, including metal, bone, glass and some high density rubber/plastics.

Another bonus feature of X-Ray Inspection systems is the ability to identify variances in mass, such as ensuring each packed carton contains the correct number of packaged objects within.

Accuweigh is the exclusive distributor of the XR-3000 series of X-Ray Inspection Systems manufactured in Australia by Applied Sorting in Melbourne. Accuweigh’s branches across Australia provide full after sales service support on all types of X-Ray food inspection systems.

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