Achieving the best maintenance potential during planned downtime

Achieving the best maintenance potential during planned downtime

Preventative maintenance is a crucial aspect of industrial risk management. Without regularly scheduled assessment and repair of critical machinery, chances of a sudden, catastrophic failure increase dramatically.

While a thorough process is essential to ensure no anomalies are missed, every second of paused operations can prove costly for a business.

With this in mind, CRC Industries has created the SmartWasher – a bioremediating parts washing system that is easy to use and an efficient alternative to manual solvent cleaners.

It consists of three key elements – a mobile unit, a microbe mat, and the OzzyJuice cleaning solution. As parts are rinsed and cleaned inside the tub, oil and grease contaminants become emulsified and ‘eaten’ by the microbes, which convert them into harmless water and carbon dioxide.

These units are available in various sizes and configurations and have broad scalability for smaller trade workshops, all the way through to multi-site mining or manufacturing plants.

In addition, Steve Keown, national product manager for Lubricants and Chemicals at Motion Australia, highlights the notable environmental and worker safety benefits of this solution.

“Historically, greener cleaning solutions came with a hefty price tag, and weren’t always guaranteed to work,” he adds. “Now, I see lots of customers reaping the benefits of the SmartWasher, including improved cleaning results and lower operating costs.”

According to Melanie Mangos, head of Industrial Sales at CRC Industries Australia, waste removal contracts are a major contributor to this reduction in expenditure.

Solvent-based parts washers usually require frequent haulage, because the used solvent fluid is categorised under dangerous goods, she explains. But because the SmartWasher system uses microbes to clean up the special OzzyJuice degreaser in situ, waste and the need to haul it away is virtually eliminated.

“It’s also an extremely efficient process, the CRC SmartWasher delivers performance that matches solvent parts washers which means we get a speedy cleaning time along with the CRC SmartWasher health, safety and environmental benefits,” Mangos elaborates, “for this reason, it’s a worthwhile investment, particularly for larger-scale operations running on a 24/7 schedule and can’t afford to halt everything at once.”

Keown reflects on a particular Motion Australia customer that has been using the SmartWasher since last year in multiple areas of their large manufacturing plant, noting the benefits on employee health and safety.

“With so many staff on-site, the reduction in exposure to solvents and chemicals has helped them save on large amounts of PPE,” he says. “What’s more, it mitigates risks associated with having a large drum of flammable liquid sitting around. A stray spark off an angle grinder or even a small electrical fault poses a huge safety hazard, whereas the SmartWasher is non-flammable.”

Mangos points out that while there is still scepticism surrounding greener cleaning options, every business that trials the SmartWasher is surprised by its ability to cut through heavy-duty grease, oils, red dust, and general grime.

“The SmartWasher is a turnkey system within a broader range of eco-conscious cleaning products,” she enthuses. “Not only are these non-toxic, PH neutral, and safe for the user, they are highly effective. There’s nothing more annoying than a sustainable product that ends up not being able to tackle those tougher contaminants, which is why we’ve developed a solution that doesn’t compromise. It’s better for the planet and works just as well – if not better – than chemical solvents.”

Ease of transport has been another benefit to Keown’s manufacturing customer, as the unit is incredibly portable and lightweight. It can be moved around large areas with ease, wheeled through narrow spaces, and even carried in a car box trailer.

“The beauty of the SmartWasher is that it’s a mobile unit,” he says. “When we’re considering planned maintenance on larger machinery, that equipment can’t always be disassembled and carried to a specific area on site for cleaning. Because this standalone unit has wheels, it can be positioned wherever is most convenient – whether it be for a few small parts or a complete overhaul clean.”

When it comes to getting the most out of scheduled maintenance time, Mangos encourages customers to opt for a solution that’s thorough, user-friendly, and much less harmful to the environment.

“We think of ourselves as a chemical company with a conscious,” she concludes. “CRC Industries is incredibly dedicated to helping Australian businesses shift towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future through their day-to-day industrial practice.”

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