Active packaging offers alternative to MAP

Using a cinnamon based active packaging material for gluten-free bread provides an alternative to modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), a new study has found.

Funded by the Spanish government, the research looked into the viability of using antimicrobial material to create an “active packaging”, which is would help extend the shelf-life of fresh food, without compromising the taste.

The study was based on a comparison of three types of packaging system: active packaging, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and combinations of both.

While the results showed that MAP provided greater microbiological inhibition, which increases the shelf-life of the bread, it also had a negative effect on the taste, flavour and texture.

The active packaging also increased the shelf life of the food but, unlike the MAP, helped retain better sensorial properties, such as the characteristic flavour and the spongy texture.

“Thus, the use of active packaging can be a better solution than the modified atmosphere packaging in getting a longer shelf life while achieving optimal sensory properties,” the report said.

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