Activists protest chicken farm conditions

About 40 animal rights activists gathered outside Ringal Valley chicken farm on the weekend to protest the living conditions on the property.

The protesters, from Animal Liberation, chained themselves to Belmont North site sheds from about 11am on Saturday.

The seven activists included a 68-year-old grandmother.

Animal Liberation spokeswoman Willow Sloane said the group had made many demands to owners but all were rebuffed.

The demands included the owners building ‘free-range housing’ within three months and stop battery confinement on the property.

“They advertise as being farm fresh but it’s really just a cruel cage egg farm,” Sloane said.

“The conditions are barbaric and Australia is lagging behind in terms of welfare.”

The RSPCA put Ringal Valley on notice in 2009 when living conditions were found to have violated the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

Newcastle Herald reported the company will take legal action against Animal Liberation.

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