Adelaide to receive funding for grains research​

New grain research facilities worth more than $1.1 million will be established at the University of Adelaide Waite campus, to boost Australian grains research into improving drought and heat tolerance.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Barnaby Joyce, said the funding was another important measure supporting the productivity and profitability of Australia’s grain industries through the development of more drought-resistant crops.

“The Coalition Government, recently identified as the largest public contributor to rural Research and Development funding in Australia, is committed to ensuring our investments provide practical benefits for our farmers and agriculture industries,” Minister Joyce said.

“The University of Adelaide’s new infrastructure will include two new controlled environment growth rooms (CERs) and LED lighting in their glasshouses and the two CERs.

“The controlled environments will facilitate simultaneous drought and heat experiments designed to improve the combined drought and heat tolerance of grain crops and improve crop yields, with an industry-wide impact.”

Member for Boothby, Nicolle Flint, said the funding was a significant boost for Australia’s grains research capacity.

“The University of Adelaide’s Waite campus continues to play an important part in the ongoing research that supports improvements for the Australian grains industry,” Ms Flint said.

“We are proud of what the university has already achieved and I am excited by the prospect of what this funding will deliver for Australia’s grains industry going forward.”

The project is jointly funded by the Coalition Government and growers, through levies and matching contributions.

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