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Advanced manufacturing for local industry

APS Industrial’s state-of-the-art Manufacturing Centre in Adelaide forms a national benchmark for Advanced Manufacturing, Value Add Services and Customised Solutions.
By combining the latest hardware and software technologies, APS successfully leverage digitalisation to set the benchmark in speed, efficiency and performance. Whether it is ACB adaptation or print services, through to terminal rail assembly or automated panel assembly, APS pride themselves on their value-add services within the facility. They understand that to be competitive in local industry, their customer base needs the best in customisation and delivery and the facility has been designed to set the benchmark.

The facility supports local industry by reducing lead times and costs, showcasing digitalisation to improve competitiveness and quality, as well as increasing their capacity to supply DBs and ACBs. The centre also features a world first in Siemens Air Circuit Breaker customisation via a Siemens certified ACB Adaptation Centre – the first non-Siemens facility worldwide to adapt and assemble Siemens air circuit breakers.

Highlighting the capability and excellence of this facility, we, alongside our manufacturing partner Siemens, are also very proud to have contributed to South Australia’s Advanced Manufacturing Strategy. Housing a complete portfolio of local, cutting-edge technology and equipment, our enhanced local capability includes:

| ACB Adaptation
ACBs are a critical component of energy transition across industries, helping provide safe power supply, protecting valuable equipment at manufacturing sites, built environments, mine sites, commercial buildings and any other infrastructure requiring a safe and secure source of electricity. The facility will enable APS to accelerate the delivery of Siemens SENTRON ACBs to switchboard builders and electrical contractors who install and serve the Australian and New Zealand markets. By adapting and assembling Siemens air circuit breakers locally, APS Industrial achieves up to a 50% reduction in delivery times to the Australian market.

| DB Manufacturing Floor
APS Industrial are proud to offer a complete family of ‘DB’ distribution boards that are custom designed for the demands of Australian industry and feature world-class technology and innovation. The ‘DB family’ of competitively priced distribution boards are exclusive to APS Industrial and purpose-built for compatibility with Siemens circuit breakers. In a move that will revolutionise distribution board assembly and installation, the ‘DB Ultimate’, within the ‘DB family’ of distribution boards feature a unique removable one-piece assembly that enables full assembly and wiring independent of the enclosure itself. This exciting feature provides unparalleled flexibility in design, assembly, installation, commissioning and future retro-fitting.

| Automated Drilling & Machining
The Rittal Perforex Milling Terminal that APS has on site at the facility, accelerates your throughput times when machining anything from the smallest enclosures and enclosure panels, through to large enclosures. Hole-drilling, thread-tapping and cut-outs in all machinable materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and plastic. Profitability and process acceleration from a batch size of just 1.

| Efficient Engineering Software
Further solidifying its role as a leader in the industry, APS Industrial is thrilled to announce its new agency agreement with Eplan. As a leader in engineering software, Eplan optimises processes across electrical, automation, and mechatronic disciplines. This partnership allows APS Industrial to provide advanced software solutions that streamline engineering tasks, enhance accuracy, and ensure compliance. Significantly, this collaboration positions APS Industrial to apply Eplan’s capabilities on a local scale unprecedented in Australia, enhancing customer communication and workflow efficiency, and transforming the engineering landscape.

These initiatives reflect APS Industrial’s commitment to supporting the Australian electrical industry’s local manufacturing capability. By focusing on innovation and efficiency, APS is contributing to a future where local manufacturing and engineering can thrive, ensuring that the industry remains competitive and responsive to the demands of a rapidly evolving global market.

To find out more about the newly opened APS Manufacturing Centre, visit https://apsindustrial.com.au/manufacturing-centre

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