Advantages of Mun HACCP Certified Nitrile Gloves

Mun Australia is as a prominent provider of quality nitrile disposable gloves, renowned for their durability and versatility.

Mun Australia is as a prominent provider of quality nitrile disposable gloves, renowned for their durability and versatility. Now these versatile gloves are becoming more important in the food industry. 

Mun Australia, has established a reputation for supplying the highest quality nitrile disposable gloves to the healthcare sector for the past 20+ years. More recently there has been a growing demand for high quality disposable gloves in the food sector, as reported by Food & Beverage Industry News.

“The rising demand for quality nitrile gloves has been driven by concerns around the use of vinyl and latex gloves which often result in painful skin irritation and contact dermatitis as a result of prolonged wear,” said Lindy Wall a Mun Australia representative.

Holding the position as one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of quality disposable gloves, Mun Australia maintains an unwavering commitment to product and service excellence.

“What sets our gloves apart is their suitability for the food industry, a testament to our pioneering role as the original producer of Nitrile gloves worldwide.”

In response to the myriad of hand health issues and allergies caused by the need to wear protective gloves daily, Mun Australia has developed the GloveOn COATS range, which is clinically proven to enhance skin hydration and reduce water evaporation, hydrating the skin.

Even after a single use of GloveOn COATS, wearers reported their hands felt more hydrated. With continued use resulting in a notable reduction in reported skin irritations.

These attributes hold particular significance in the food manufacturing sector, where safety and contamination avoidance are paramount.

Stronger and more reliable gloves not only safeguard against contamination risks but also enhance the well-being of employees who wear them regularly.

Drawing from their proven performance in the medical field, where gloves are worn for extended periods, Mun Australia’s Nitrile gloves offer comfort and durability for food
industry workers.

Data from the World Health Organization indicates that poor hygiene among food handlers contributes to 15 per cent to 30 per cent of foodborne illness cases.

Mun Australia’s gloves are meticulously crafted to meet the certification requirements of international markets, including HACCP standards, and undergo rigorous testing upon arrival in Australia.

HACCP International administers an assessment and certification scheme for equipment, materials, and services employed within the food industry.

“Mun Australia, in line with our commitment to quality, conducts thorough testing to ensure that our products meet the highest standards, both globally and locally,” said Wall.

Narisha Maharaj, communications manager at Mun Australia, notes that the resounding success of Nitrile gloves in the healthcare sector sparked an enlightening realisation of their applicability in other industries, including food.

“Beginning with the agricultural sector, such as mushroom and berry picking, we expanded our reach into the broader food industry, where the inherent strength of Nitrile gloves proves invaluable in food production environments,” she said.

Nitrile gloves are synthesized by treating latex with various chemicals to create a synthetic copolymer composed of acrylonitrile and butadiene.

Acrylonitrile imparts chemical resistance, while butadiene imparts flexibility and tear resistance.

Nitrile gloves are an ideal choice for the food production industry. While they may be slightly more expensive than vinyl and latex gloves, their superior resistance to fats, oils, solvents, and acids, coupled with excellent puncture resistance, renders the risk of material contamination minimal.

Mun Australia also prioritises sustainability, offering biodegradable options like the GloveOn Avalon gloves, which decompose in under 300 days, a critical advantage in the food manufacturing industry where gloves are
frequently replaced.

GloveOn Avalon ensures uncompromising quality, delivering the same level of safety, performance, and shelf life as traditional nitrile gloves due to the seamless integration of the additive into the manufacturing process. Biodegradation occurs in landfill-like environments.

Wall emphasises Mun Australia’s strong commitment to people’s well-being, a philosophy deeply ingrained in its corporate ethos.

“We prioritise product quality, innovation, service excellence, and customer support, which are central tenets of our business,” said Wall.

“This commitment stems from Mun Australia’s vision to provide a safe environment for all the community, and looking after future generations.

“This same dedication now extends to the food industry, ensuring the safety and quality of food products enjoyed by consumers in Australia”.

Mun Australia’s company name reflects its values, with “Mun” meaning ‘heart’ and ‘people.’

“Quality and passion are the cornerstones of our product offerings, exemplifying our dedication to delivering premium solutions to our valued customers,” said Wall.

Wall said Mun Australia was a very people-focused company that works hard to ensure the well-being of those using the gloves and impacted by their use.

“Mun is very much a people first brand,” she said.

“We are about people’s well-being. Be that the product that goes on the hands of the consumers or the products that have been handled.”

“We also make sure we have the highest quality materials we can for our products.”

“On top of all of that. Our innovation, service levels, and support for our customers are key focus areas for us as a company and something we take a great deal of pride in.”

This is born from the original idea of Mun Australia, to provide the healthcare sector with the best possible outcomes for gloves and other PPE products.

Now Mun Australia is continuing to provide this same level of care and protection for those within the food industry, and by extension, those who enjoy the foods manufactured in Australia.

It’s also demonstrated in part of the company name as Mun means ‘heart’ and ‘people’. Mun Australia is driven by quality and passion, as shown by its quality product offerings.

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