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Aeroplane Sweet Treats

Product name: Aeroplane Sweet Treats

Product manufacturer: McCormick Foods Australia

Strawberry Jelly Slice Pack Ingredients

  • 85g Strawberry Flavoured Jelly Crystals: Sugar, Gelatine (Beef Origin), Acidity Regulators (297, 331), Flavour, Colours (129, 122, 133).
  • 15g Filling Mix:  Gelatine (Beef Origin), Sugar, Flavour.
  • 125g Crushed Biscuits: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Oil [Antioxidants (322, 307)], Milk Solids, Salt, Raising Agents (503, 500, 450).

Shelf life: 12 months

Packaging: High-gloss cardboard box, similar to a cake mix box. The use of bright colours stays true to the Aeroplane brand, but also gives them a point of difference in the dessert aisle of the supermarket. 

Product manager: Linsey MacIntosh

Brand website: www.aeroplanejelly.com.au

What the company says
Trusted in jelly for more than 85 years, Aeroplane has spread its wings with the new Sweet Treats desserts range, including jelly slices and mousses.

With family favourites including Strawberry Jelly Slice and Chocolate Mousse, Aeroplane’s Sweet Treats are kid-friendly dessert mixes the whole family will love.

Easy to make and lots of fun, it’s a great way to encourage the kids to enjoy themselves in the kitchen. And with no baking required, even the littlest kids can get involved.

The jelly slices are as simple as mixing and setting each layer in the fridge – and the mousses, once mixed, can be eaten straight away for a creamy texture, or popped in the fridge for a firmer set.

You can choose from Strawberry Jelly Slice or Lime Jelly Slice – each pack makes 12 yummy serves, enough to share with the family and friends. There’s also the Chocolate Mousse or Choc Honeycomb Mousse, each pack making six serves and is a tasty treat both the kids and adults can indulge in.

Look out for all four delicious family favourites in the dessert aisle of your local Woolworths supermarket now. Aeroplane Sweet Treats will be available in Coles and independent supermarkets from August 2013.

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