AFGC supports café allergy guide

The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) has announced its support for the release of a new food allergen guide aimed to help restaurants and cafes provide safe foods for people with allergies.

The Allergy Guide Safer Meal Service, produced by Anaphylaxis Australia with support of the Coelic Society and health experts, contains practical steps to ensure meals prepared in eateries are safe by understanding what food allergens are present and helping customers make safe choices.

AFGC Chief Executive Kate Carnell said food safety and preventing food allergies was paramount for Australia’s food industry.

“Over the past five years, food manufacturers have undertaken significant changes to better manage and understand what allergenic foods are present in manufactured products. Now it’s time for restaurants and cafés to help pass on this important information to consumers and keep allergic customers safe,” Ms Carnell said.

AFGC has developed a national standardised Product Information Form (PIF), which complements the guide by ensuring that caterers are able to access comprehensive information about the ingredients and the foods they use in their kitchens and that they serve to their customers.

“The PIF provides Australian food manufacturing businesses with considerable savings in time and resources to provide the same information to all their customers, and reduces the risks of typographical and clerical errors in completing the form,” Ms Carnell said.

To find out more about the Allergy Guide, visit www.allergyfacts.com.au

Industry’s new PIF Version 3.0 can be also downloaded free from AFGC’s website: www.afgc.org.au/tools-guides-/product-info-form.html

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