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AGW welcomes new investment in grape and wine sector

Australian Grape & Wine (AGW) is delighted by the Australian Government’s investment of $435,000 in the grape and wine sector towards a cutting-edge carbon emissions project.

The funding was issued under the National Agricultural Traceability Grants Program.

AGW also thanked the South Australian government’s investment attraction agency, Invest SA, which provided significant support in designing the proposal as well as providing an additional $50,000 towards the project.

The project, which focuses on tracing carbon emissions along the supply chain between Australia and Singapore, will showcase Australia’s expertise in data-enabled traceability systems.

In doing so, it provides strong potential to improve the competitiveness of and trust in Australian wine in Singapore and other Southeast Asian export markets.

“These grant rounds are highly contested, so we are honoured to be announced as a successful applicant, particularly at a time when building our export credentials is so important for grape and wine producers,” said chief executive of Australian Grape & Wine, Lee McLean.

“The project will not only establish robust traceability credentials for Australian wine but it will build capacity within the sector, putting Australian wine producers on the front foot when it comes to dealing with emerging global sustainability and climate reporting standards.”

Together with a consortium of partners and advisors, Australian Grape & Wine will develop a secure data exchange platform along with a range of tools and resources to enable efficient monitoring and analysis of the emissions involved in getting a product to market.

The project is entitled Tracing Carbon Emissions in an International Wine Industry Value Chain between Australia and Singapore.

The project has the potential to provide a platform for building sustainability and provenance in our export markets.

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