Ahead of the curve with ongoing flood recovery projects

In the aftermath of crisis, businesses and their communities lean on each other to navigate the long road to recovery. Even in areas where extreme weather events are an expected annual occurrence, things can turn quickly, leaving entire towns stranded or without access to crucial infrastructure.

In the first half of 2022, Australia has seen record rainfall and an unprecedented flood season for Queensland and New South Wales. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, this can be largely attributed to the La Niña low-pressure system that dragged moisture from the Coral Sea over the eastern coastline. The floods left many regional towns isolated or in a state of devastation, with extensive damage to industrial machinery required for the clean-up.

In many of these regions, it has been Motion Australia’s priority to engage with those affected and orchestrate timely supply of key parts and servicing where they are needed most. According to Grant Gray, national manager for Sales, their biggest focus is ensuring accessible stock not only for dewatering, but also getting equipment for agriculture and other sectors back online.

“We are very connected to our communities through the extensive branch network around the country,” he says. “It’s been shown that when moments like this happen, we come together to support customers with a speedy recovery. We want to help them get back to full production as quickly as they can. We have a company-wide commitment to the land, and the people living on it as well.”

Due to Motion Australia’s diverse capability and nation-wide distribution footprint, they are offering a broad range of services and supply options for businesses in storm-affected areas. Industry experts are available for inspection, refurbishment and replacement of mechanical gearboxes, drives, and pumps, as well as underground hydraulic equipment. In addition to water transfer hose and connectors, local branches can source bearings, speciality lubricant, de-watering fluid, and sanitation chemical products for the cleaning and rehabilitation of machinery. 

“We are able to pull together all of the resources from our different businesses, whether that be hosing and pumps, waterproof lubricants, gearbox or motor parts,” explains Grant. “All it generally takes is one phone call, which is fortunate because so many of these situations are extremely urgent.”

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