AIP announces Certified Packaging Professional for Australasia

Following the recent launch of the Certified Packaging Professional designation in Australasia the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) has announced Pierre Pienaar is the inaugural recipient of the CPP designation.
“As the inaugural recipient to attain the CPP designation in Australasia I am thrilled to be a part of the newly-formed partnership between the AIP and the IoPP. To date, there are about 2,000 packaging professionals worldwide that have attained the CPP designation and I am really looking forward to seeing other packaging technologists across Australasia join the program,” Pienaar FAIP, CPP said.
“What I like about the CPP program is that it helps the international packaging fraternity to better understand the level of knowledge and expertise that you truly have in the packaging field. The CPP designation is also based on current skills and expertise, as each candidate requires recertification every three years. The CPP Program ensures that candidates are regularly keeping abreast of current packaging trends, innovations and knowledge and the program ensures that packaging technologists are the same level playing field globally.
“I personally believe that attaining the CPP designation is an excellent investment in my professional development and a commitment to excellence in the global packaging profession. I would like to encourage all those that seek to make packaging their profession and who wish to be recognised in a vibrant and ever-changing industry to seek this internationally accepted packaging designation. Being able to have the CPP program now available in Australasia allows packaging professionals the opportunity to join recognised packaging experts from around the world with the industry’s leading professional designation.” he said.
The CPP designation reached Australia as a result of a partnership between the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) in the U.S. and the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), with the aim that the designation will become the leading mark of excellence internationally.
IoPP and AIP will mutually recognise CPP as the gold standard of broad packaging proficiency under a program in which AIP members will join qualifying IoPP members as being eligible for certification.



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