AIP & GS1 Webinar | Behind the 2D Barcode: What it means for printing and packaging

The AIP will be hosting a webinar with GS1 Australia on the 12th of December that will be discussing 2D Barcodes; all of industry is invited to attend.

Next generation 2D barcodes are revolutionising businesses in Australia and across the globe, carrying substantially more information than traditional 1D barcodes.

Two-dimensional (2D) barcodes look like squares or rectangles that contain patterns of squares, hexagons, dots and other shapes to encode data.

A single 2D barcode can hold a significant amount of information and may remain legible even when printed at a small size or etched onto a product. 2D barcodes are used in a wide range of industries, from grocery, manufacturing and warehousing to logistics and healthcare.

This session will provide an overview of next generation 2D barcodes including labelling, placement, size specifications and more. Speakers will discuss examples and answer your questions.

Speakers will include Aruna Ravikumar, senior advisor global standards & solutions, GS1 Australia and Brian Gemmell, Manager Education & Training, GS1 Australia. All AIP events are recognised to attain Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) points.

Book your place today http://aipack.com.au/event-registration/?ee=411

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