AIP: How Do I Design a Test if I Don’t Know My Supply Chain? webinar

Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) Members to access ‘How Do I Design a Test if I Don’t Know My Supply Chain’ Webinar for Free

As part of the partnership with the IoPP, all AIP Members will have access to the How Do I Design a Test if I Don’t Know My Supply Chain? webinar on 17 September

The presenter will be Rodney Prater, Principal Packaging Engineer, SC Johnson & Son Inc., who has 26 years in the industry.  Rodney manages the distribution test laboratory at SC Johnson and applicable distribution test protocols.

Problem: How can you properly design, test and validate your product to withstand the rigors of distribution within a region and from one region to another region?

Solution: Understand your supply chain handling process and create a test protocol for more robust and faster validation.

This webinar will walk you through the steps of the intuitive, informative and interactive process map of SC Johnson’s global supply chain environment to assist in product development and validation. You will learn how to utilise process maps to create regional simulated distribution test protocols.

Additionally, you learn how to create a BCT (Box Compression Test) tool and PSF (Product Support Factor) procedure for a corrugate performance-based specification that is supplier agnostic based on the regional supply chain criteria.

Due to the different time zones it would be difficult for AIP Members to attend the live webinar but you can register to view the rebroadcast – simply email info@aipack.com.au  by the 16th of September to register to view the recording.

The AIP will arrange your FREE access to the rebroadcast of this IoPP webinar – a USD$99 saving and special benefit of your AIP membership.

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