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AIP LCA decision package now available

The Australian Institute of Packaging has joined forces with sustainability software company Empauer, to offer a comprehensive and cost effective LCA Decision Package for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

AIP and Empauer have entered into an exclusive MOU, providing Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) to SME’s to ensure that they are making informed and science-based decisions when selecting packaging materials.

The driving force behind this collaboration is recognition of the challenges faced by SMEs. The AIP, through its SME training programs, identified a pressing need for affordable and customised LCA solutions that simplify the often-complex process of undertaking sustainability assessments for packaging design.

The report part of the package can then be utilised for internal decisions including selection of packaging materials, components and the shift towards more sustainable alternatives within the business.

This innovative LCA Decision Package will enable businesses to make informed and sustainable decisions when it comes to the packaging design they utilise and choices in selecting the most appropriate packaging material format.

It will provide AIP Members and the wider industry, with access to the latest tools and expertise, enabling them to reduce their environmental footprint and make responsible choices in line with global sustainability goals.

The main benefit to SMEs in using the AIP & Empauer LCA Decision Package means you don’t have to understand all the complexities of LCAs, as you will be provided with the comparison information and assistance to understand from your selected LCA parameters the environmental impact for each packaging material choice.

To get involved, complete the online ‘Expression of Interest’ form and the brief questionnaire and then submit to Empauer.

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