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AIP to run State of Industry Update Webinar Series

As a part of the extensive educational program for 2024 the AIP will be running a regular webinar series that will provide Members and Industry colleagues with State of Industry information pertaining to important packaging-related topics. All of industry is invited to attend the webinar series.

The first AIP State of Industry Update Webinar will be held on the 24th of April and will be discussing updates from APCO, the latest with the Check Locally and ARL program, the Federal Government plans for Mandating Packaging Design Standards and what you need to know, new material and recycling statistics for the industry and more. AIP’s Guest Speaker will be Chris Foley, Chief Executive Officer, APCO.

The second AIP State of Industry Update webinar will be held on the 15th of May with GS1 Australia and will include discussions on the National Framework for Recycled Content Traceability, the future of 2D and QR codes, the Packaging Catalogue and the Packaging passport.

The presentation will focus on importance of identification, common language, standards and registries to share information; current application across the product lifecycle, with a focus on importance of traceability at the early manufacturing stages with a run through of a case study into the plastics traceability guideline, developed by the plastics equipment  manufacturing sector for that sector in Germany.

Attendees will attain Certified Professional Development (CPD) points towards the Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) designation.

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Image: Australian Institute of Packaging
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