Aisle be back

Making life easier for retail employees, the new merchandising unit from McCormick spices thins up and makes it a snap to keep up the display’s appearance in the Herb and Spice aisle.

Thanks to its unique and innovative design, the new rolling merchandising unit is conveniently self-rotating with stock automatically rolling forward when customers take the closest tup from the front of the clearly labelled unit. This makes the unit appear fuller and the rolling action eliminates costly double-handling.

McCormick’s National Marketing Manager, Stuart Redman, said that “we are excited about the launch of the new sized Herb & Spice range and the benefits it delivers to both consumers and retailers. The product comes in easy to handle, stackable plastic tubs which keep the product fresh and remove the need to decant. Offering improved shopability with no mess, no fuss, complimenting the existing premium glass range.”

The existing premium glass range of Herbs & Spices and the new tubs are available from selected supermarkets nationally. 22 of the 26 new tubs retail for under $2.00.

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