Alcoholic Beverage Award Finalists

The Alcoholic Beverage Award finalists include the Castle Glen Liqueurs, Moulin Rooz Absinthe, Reschke Fume Sauvignon Blanc and The Australian Herbal Liqueur. FOOD Magazine congratulates all the finalists in this category.

Castle Glen Liqueurs

Consisting of 80 liqueurs and over 450 different products, Castle Glen Liqueurs products are all natural using no preservatives or chemicals and the Crème Liqueurs have no dairy, fat or eggs — a world first. Using a traditional English fermenting process the liqueurs are unique to the market, being non-distilled. The large range of liqueurs can be used in the cocktail bar and the kitchen and satisfy the palate of the most discerning drinker or connoisseur. Castle Glen Liqueurs’ all natural products are a healthier choice and boast a shelf life of 15+ years for the 18% – 40% alcohol strength and up tofive years for the Crème Liqueurs, that require no refrigeration, once opened.

Moulin Rooz Absinthe

Australia’s first ‘Bitter Herb Pastis’ was created to meet the global growth and demand of absinthe, since the lifting of restrictions of its manufacture in Europe and more recently in America. Moulin Rooz is Australia’s first premium absinthe, created from five times distilled spirits of Australian grapes, combined with a perfect balance of elderflower, gentian, fennel seed, hyssop and wormwood. Distilled in artisanal copper pot stills, the mix creates a perfect expression of bitter and aromatic herbs, underlined with aniseed and giving subtle suggestions of unique indigenous bush botanicals — a truly Australian taste.

Reschke Fume Sauvignon Blanc

Reschke wine has been specifically created to be more appropriate to pair with food. The wine has an oak component, giving more subtle, spicy flavours, unlike today’s more commercial Sauvignon Blancs. The bottle’s label is removable, allowing the bottle to be reused for water or olive oil in restaurants or at home, and Reschke Wines subtly keeps some branding on the bottle once the labels have been removed. The bottle is closed with a glass stopper giving the best possible neutral closure for the wine, offering an alternative closure to the traditional cork and screw cap commonly used by the wine industry.

The Australian Herbal Liqueur

After locking in over 60 international awards under their belt, the Australian Vodka Company began to experiment with indigenous Australian botanicals. Feeling that the world view toward Australia was very positive, and ready for the unique flavours the country has to offer, the Company felt it was time for an Australian liqueur. The Australian Herbal Liqueur is a unique entry into a marketplace in which no other product truly depicts the ‘Australian Bush in a Bottle.’ A composition of lemon myrtle leaves, native forest peppermint, eucalyptus and aniseed myrtle is perfectly blended to create an ultra-premium liqueur that exudes the luscious tones of the Australian bush.

The Alcoholic Beverage Award is proudly sponsored by Markem-Imaje Business Group.

Lena Zak is the editor of FOOD Magazine.


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