Alemlube keenly priced heavy duty hose reels boost productivity

heavy duty hose reels

Alemlube has released to market a new range of significant quality, heavy duty hose reels aimed at improving day to day productivity and your bottom line. 

Representing real value for money and manufactured on the twin pedestal principle of strength and stability, the patented HR90000 series of hose reels provide you with a reliable & cost effective means of storing and retrieving 20m hose assemblies with models suitable for the transfer of oil, grease and air & water.  

Alemlube’s EL Series of products focus on providing vital equipment solutions for hard working industry professionals, at the right price along with an emphasis on operator safety. With this in mind, each reel features a protective outer shroud reducing potential accidental injury and a 50% less rewind speed facilitates greater control and enhances hose longevity. 

An extensive list of industries can benefit directly by investing in these hose reels, including but not limited to mine sites, construction contractors, manufacturing facilities, food processing, bottling plants, pulp & paper manufacturing, service vehicles and oil & gas industries. 

The design and manufacturing processes have placed prime importance on producing a range of hose reels with an extremely sturdy and practical drum, stiffening ribs for product longevity and flanged edges with the assurance of reliability owing to their reinforced steel mounting frame providing maximum strength and stability. So much so that the reels can be mounted on the floor, wall or ceiling and are able to withstand extreme angular pull of the hose in most applications. 

A new innovative latching solution adopted in the mechanism of each reel enables the hose to be stopped in multiple positions as required and effortless, smooth hose extraction & retrieval is a welcome user friendly feature enhancing ease of operation and the previously mentioned operator safety. 

Proven performance and value for money stacks these hose reels up against any competition on offer in the market today and Alemlube after sales support further provides peace of mind and confidence in making sound equipment choices. 

So, in a nutshell, the new, modern, patented and user friendly EL Series HR90000 spring rewind hose reels available now, are highly cost effective while at the same time being robust and durable hose storage & retrieval solutions. 

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