All-natural food protection

Danisco has launched a new label — Care4U — an extensive all-natural range of food protection solutions.

The company describes the label as a dedicated approach to helping the food industry enhance its safety image while addressing the end consumer trend towards natural labelling.

There is a current trend in the food industry toward clean labels that do not list artificial additives.

As such, natural food protection solutions account for about 25% of the global one billion Euro market for food protectants and an annual growth rate of 6% to 8%.

Danisco points to the fact that synthetic preservatives have been linked to various allergies, increased disease risk and the development of antibiotic resistance as reasons for the rise in natural solutions.

The label specifically targets the fresh dairy, cheese, meat, soup, sauces, dressings, oils and fats, baking and beverage sectors.

Danisco is offering customers who enter a strategic partnership with them access to the complete Care4U package, including a website containing scientific documentation of the protectants’ functionalities and benefits.

Expert assistance with applications and local food regulations will also be available.

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