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Allen’s launches two party-inspired lollies for its 130th birthday

130th birthday

Allen’s Lollies is celebrating its 130th birthday and sharing the fun with two new party-inspired treats – Allen’s Party Faves and Allen’s Piñata Party. 

These additions are now part of the brand’s extensive list of crowd-pleasing favourites. 

The new Allen’s Party Faves pack is filled with popular party treats in lolly form, with flavours such as chocolate cupcake, strawberry fairy floss and green apple icy pole. 

Also joining the birthday celebrations is the new Allen’s Piñata Party. Discover new favourites with fruity-flavoured piñata animals including blackberry llama, strawberry flamingo and lemon dinosaur. 

“Making Aussies smile has been our passion for the last 130 years, thanks to our great tasting and much-loved lollies,” Nestlé head of Marketing Confectionery Joyce Tan said. 

“Many Australians have a special Allen’s story and favourite lolly, so we can’t wait to see the smiles on Australians’ faces when they discover these creations for our 130th birthday celebration.” 

The team at Allen’s has created more than 1,000 different types of lolly in the last 130 years, made in Victoria since 1891. Some of the more unusual lollies have included a jelly tongue and a giant jelly rat! 

Australians’ favourite Allen’s lollies are SNAKES ALIVE and Party Mix, with around 240 million of Allen’s SNAKES ALIVE made per year. If you lined them up head to tail, they’d stretch 36,000 km – long enough to wrap around the moon three times or around the world at least once. 

Allen’s produces enough Party Mix to decorate over 12 million birthday cakes each year! 

Allen’s Party Faves and Piñata Party will be available in participating supermarkets and convenience stores from 1 September 2021. 

The Allen’s 130th birthday celebrations will continue over the coming months, so keep an eye out for iconic collaborations and more. 


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